The CRSSD Fall Festival Best of Show

Last weekend, Waterfront Park in San Diego was overtaken by thousands of festies looking to get their feet wet and soak in some house music. The weather, the venue, and the music made CRSSD Fall Fest the place to be.

Photo by Felicia Garcia


Best of Show: Drink

Any festival featuring a hefty craft beer menu is one that I have ultimate respect for. Add that in with the Rosé Bar, and you can see CRSSD clearly brought their A game. With so many drink options to choose from it could be hard to decide which was the top contender. However, I took it upon myself to do the hard work and provide you with the answer: 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s Cucumber Crush. The light and refreshing sour beer complimented the warm and vibrant San Diego sun perfectly.

Best of Show: Stage

The Palms atmosphere was top-notch and truly made me feel all of the San Diegan coastal vibes. The front of the stage was adorned in lush greenery, and parasols hung freely from the top. This stage went so deep, yet the sound always remained loud and clear no matter where you were at.

photo by Skylar Greene


Best of Show: Act

This one is always a toughie! Especially when you’re a festie who has such an eclectic taste. However, Chromeo definitely brought the funk and secured the number 1 spot in my heart. This was the duo’s last live performance before they come out with their newest album, which made it even more special. I’m not going to say that hearing Bonafied Lovin’ made me tear up, but…

Best of Show: Up & Coming Act

 I don’t think there is anyone that can say that discovering your new favorite artist at a festival isn’t the best thing ever. It’s one of those validating feelings that make you feel like you absolutely got your money’s worth all while earning the title of Music Aficionado of the Year. For me, and I am sure so many others, Mura Masa became that new favorite artist. The 21 year old producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the Channel Islands had such a fun and captivating set. He already has some notable collaborations under his belt, and I know for a fact we will be seeing much more of Mura Masa on the 2018 festival circuit.

Best of Show: Outfit

I saw this girl on Sunday and my jaw dropped because she was just so freaking cute! The pastel colors that she took the time to incorporate into her outfit from her parasol, to her hair, all the way down to her shoes was so impressive. And, she thrifted the drool-worthy beaded tunic in Humboldt County- so cool. Talk about someone making you want to step your fashionista game up!

Best of Show: Song

The Magician- Shy. This has been the newest and most played song on my playlist since last weekend and I see no signs of slowing down. No shame. Enjoy!

CRSSD was such a well executed event and I definitely cannot wait to get back next year! There are many surrounding hotels and a curated train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego that made travel simple so festies could focus their efforts on soakin’ up the good times. The lineup was exceptional and there were plenty of places to chill with friends in between sets. I highly recommend adding this fest onto your 2018 itinerary!


Featured photo by Skylar Greene

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