Get Lost in the Land of Dinosaurs and Dubstep

photos by Don Idio

Correct. Dinosaurs, check. Rave booties, check. Lions and bunny tigers even roamed the hills of Legend Valley. Thank you Excision. Lost Lands 2017 is in the books and has made its mark as a life altering event for thousands. 750k watts of bass plus 25k headbangers in a close proximity amounted to many vibrations. All good vibrations. Here are a few vibes I caught walking around Lost Lands.

“RAAAWWRRRRRRRRRRR!”“Everyone grab earplugs!”“Dude bottled water is only 2 bucks!”Right before Excision Friday night: Tapp tapp “Hey man. Your totem can’t be more than 7 feet.”Passing conversation: A steady couple “I honestly think Crizzly is better than Excision.” Passersby “Excuse me, I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but did you just say Crizzly is better than Excision?” Guy “Yeah. Blah blah justification blah.” Passersby “Ok. Did you stay the whole two hours for Excision‘s set?” Guy “Yeah.” Passersby “But you’re leaving Crizzly’s set…”“Throw ya ‘X’ up!”“Shotgun a second beer for good luck.”“I lost my keys!”“Lost Lands was so lit the stage caught on fire!”“You’re gonna have a fucking awesome day.”“I’m surprised nobody moo’d.”“Hella! Hella Yoga! Hella Hiking!”“Was there really a contest???”“I’m a fucking headbanger!”“Is that a Moscow Mule?”“Cool. We’re from Indiana, we were thinking about going to Deadbeats Nashville too.”“Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call”“Baby Steps…Baby Steps”“ROBO KITTY!”Overall, Lost Lands 2017 was a fantastic inauguration. So much bass as promised delivered by some of the finest and up and coming artists in their own lanes. I even got an awesome yoga session in Saturday morning and later spoke with Sullivan King. If you missed out and absolutely love headbanging or simply want to jump into a time machine for the weekend, check Lost Lands 2018!

Check out the full photo album from Lost Lands 2017 here!


















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