ADID: Shimmering Cities

Written by: Jordan Kausin

Photos by: INFAMOUS opps

In the Bay Area, I’ve had the pleasure of dreaming of Golden Gate Park Days, Floating Cities, and so many more events-opportunities I am ever-so-grateful for. Our favorite dreamer himself, Lee Burridge via the All Day I Dream brand, has offered us here in the Bay an All Day I Dream of Shimmering Cities that has resonated within me the most. Oakland’s dear acre-long Middle Harbor Shoreline Park was yet again transformed into an astonishing land for dreamers, free-spirits, and overs of acid/tech house. Lee Burridge brought all the vibes with a little help from Bedouin and Lost Desert ft. Junior.

From rallying up dreamers between events (All Day I Dream of Floating Cities – 2016, All Day I dream of Golden Gate Park Days – 2017, and All Day I Dream of Shimmering Cities – 2017) it was mind-blowing seeing the growth in attendance. Last year’s Oakland Harbor event attracted seemingly a fraction of the Shimmering Cities event, however, I am ecstatic to report that ADID guests forever rally up the best vibe tribes and multiply.

Attractions were none to sleep on this year! Burning Man art cars are always a thrilling sensory overload, but a huge blimp inviting you onboard? PRICELESS. For those in need of a little wind-down time, yoga and meditation workshops were available and grounding, as well.

Alongside friends, family, and others just alike, there is something (or everything) about running completely free while picnicking on a beachfront as the sun sets. I will forever consider myself a dreamer, especially in this exact cotton candy, free-spirited, carefree utopia.

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