The Colorful ABC’s of Groove Cruise LA

co-written with Stephanie Rosa

photos courtesy of @veranmiky

All aboard! The Groove Cruise LA 2017 sailing October 6-October 9 enjoyed one of the most insane parties and festival experiences of their lives. Imagine combining the luxuries a cruise ship has to offer such as all you can eat dining, photo shoots, pools, casinos, night clubs and more with the best pieces of a festival including world-renowned DJ’s, wild costumes and festie family vibes. This symphony of experience is beyond what words like fun or fabulous can describe, so we’ve put together a bit more detailed ABC’s to help color in the picture of what Whet Travel’s Groove Cruise and GCFam are all about.

A is for At Sea

This is truly the piece that makes Groove Cruise so unique. There aren’t many other festivals out there that can offer 360 views of crystal clear water combined with the beats of Arty.

B is for Blasting Tunes Non-Stop On a Boat

EDM, house, and deep house music did not stop blasting aboard the boat. Jason Beukema, founder of Groove Cruise, promised music from the second you get on the boat to the second you get off. And that was literally the case from the time you checked in at the boat terminal, to send second you got in your Uber to get to the airport.

C is for Captains

Especially the ones with detailed, sparkly, and handmade hats.

D is for Derby Day

Sunday the ship docked and had a “Derby” theme day party at Casa De Los Siete Patios, a clifftop estate in Ensenada, Mexico. Autograph and Doc Martin were among the acts paired with tacos and open bar at this one of a kind estate party. This experience topped the trip for most attendees as tunes, views, and energy were exceptional.

E is for Everlasting

You never know who you can meet at a festival and if that person is the one. Everlasting love is real, and Groove Cruise allowed for jaw dropping sunsets and sunrises to enhance the love on the boat.

F is for Faux Fur (aka fake fur).

Yes this is faux fur, but no we can’t confirm that gold chain’s karat. Shoutout to this couple for doing the EDM/Hip Hop theme night right!

G is for Groove Cruise Fam

Take a die hard festival goer and merge him/her with a pirate, and you have the people that make up the Groove Cruise Fam. These people get together on and off the ship, and return each year to celebrate music, life, and love. Their bond is special and to be apart of it, all you have to do is attend one Groove Cruise event.

H is for Heaven’s View

We were blessed with heavenly sunrise views throughout the voyage.

I is for Intimate

One of the most unique parts about Groove Cruise is how intimate it is. With around just over 2000 attendees, its easy to get to know those around you. You find yourself dancing next to the same people and bumping into artists at lunches or dinner. Groove Cruise also had multiple stages aboard, all providing an up close and personal experience with the music acts.

J is for Jams

Sunrise to sunset, you could always find people jamming out. Here is headliner, Arty, throwin’ down jams on the top pool deck (main) stage. This stage was custom enhanced for Groove Cruise to provide a true festival experience.

K is for Killer Outfits

One of the most notable things about Groove Cruise was that everyone took dressing the part seriously. From the captain to the stewardesses, GCFam dressed to impress.

L is for Lots of Lazers

You know those huge theaters on a cruise ship that hosts musicals for families to watch after dinner? Well imagine that huge room with that huge stage transformed into a massive, state of the art nightclub. The Groove Cruise team brought in the best light shows and lasers so that the parties below the pool were a riot of a good time.

M is for Miniature Golf

Miniature golf in costumes while listening to the sounds of the main stage? Yes, please.

N is for No Sleep

Because not everyone on Groove Cruise will take part in this activity.

O is for Officers

Day two was “I Heart Uniforms” theme, and the dancers on the ship played the part well.

 P is for octuPus

Because yes, they were on the ship too.

Q is for Quest

This 3 day quest to and from Ensenada, Mexico was an experience like no other. We know that Groove Cruise LA will set sail to Cabo next year, and we can only imagine what they will create for those attendees.

R is for Rowdy

During the day, sipping drinks by the pool was a must. After a few hours in the sun, the crowd definitely got rowdy.

S is for Style

Some of the best festival outfits of the year were aboard Groove Cruise.

T is for Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack played a 5 hour set starting at 11:59 pm on Sunday.. to close out Groove Cruise on the main stage.

U is for Underdressed

Sometimes undressed means the best dressed.

V is for Velvet (Green Velvet)

Green Velvet chimed in with Doc Martin, and he used his headphones as a microphone briefly in this set to sing and get the crowd moving in Mexico.

W is for Whet Travel

This company not only puts on arguably the most unique and awesome festival on the water, but they also give back by helping underprivileged children in the towns where their Groove Cruises dock. Whet Travel not only cares about the festival goers experiences, but they clearly care about the human race as a whole. 

X is for TeXas

Whether you’re from Texas, another state, or another country all together, you were made to feel welcome by the rest of Groove Cruise Fam, Whet travel and the cruise staff.

Y is for Youthful

The energy of the clifftop party in Ensenada, Mexico was chill yet youthful. Keeping the party rolling with feet planted on stable ground definitely refreshed spirits.

Z is for Zaniness

adjectivezanier, zaniest.
1. ludicrously or whimsically comical; clownish.
nounplural zanies.
2. one who plays the clown or fool in order to amuse others.
3. a comically wild or eccentric person.
4. a secondary stock character in old comedies who mimicked his master.
5. a professional buffoon; clown.
6. a silly person; simpleton.
There was plenty of zaniness aboard Groove Cruise!

Overall, this festival experience was truly unlike any other and rumor has it that Miami is even more wild. Interested in attending your first Groove Cruise? Miami’s sailing is nearly sold out but you can grab one of the last few cabins here, or reserve your spot for Groove Cruise LA 2018.

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