The 2018 Burning Man Theme Gets A Sci-Fi Twist

photos by Stephanie Rosa

There is one festival that my cousin and I always insist we must go to together (and probably the only one he would ever be willing to go to). With his survival skills all ready for an apocalypse combined with my never-ending want to hit new (to me)¬†festivals, this is the perfect one to bring him along. I can’t even count how many times I’ve started a little personal fund for Burning Man, and then proceeded to spend the money on other things. Immediately after BM 2017, I shoved every coin and bill I had into a piggy bank that you need a hammer in order to get any money out of it. Hasn’t been long, but I haven’t touched it (progress from last time!). I think 2018 is going to be the year I finally step foot on the playa.

Other than being excited for (hopefully) my first time in Black Rock City, I now have the 2018 Burning Man theme to be excited about:

I, Robot

The 1950s sci-fi series by Isaac Asimov is now going to play a huge part in your Burning Man experience next year. Now, I am completely and utterly fascinated with everything Burning Man stands for. The culture, the art, the self-expression, the Ten Principles, all of it. But, I am nonetheless a Burner Noob here. From what I do understand, Burning Man is a time to escape the internet and technology. A place that encourages connecting with your inner self and your neighbors on a deeper level without relying on technology like social media. Really, truly, relying on each other and not machines. This is why the theme had me a little confused at first. Why would an event that essentially swears off technology, choose a theme that is all about it? One thing I feel like I should learn quickly, just don’t question the Burning Man. I know for a fact that some incredible art is going to come out of this theme, and I can’t wait for it.



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