Gorillaz – The Exclusive Florida Performance

I think we’ve all seen by now, III Points Festival in Miami is being advertised as the only Florida performance by Gorillaz.

1. Who cares?

2. Why is this a big deal?

3. Who/What even is Gorillaz?

1. Me, I care. Too much, but lots of other people do too.

2. I don’t really know why it’s a big deal. Many artists only make one or two stops in each state (or sometimes skip the state all together, like what usually happens to Florida). Just accept that it’s a big deal, okay?

3. In plain terms, it’s just two dudes, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn (who, my dumb self just put together, is also from Blur), that created this band consisting of four creepy cartoon characters named Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs.

Earlier this year, the four characters were finally back with the beautifully freaky video for Saturn Barz, fully equipped with a singing pizza and a naked Murdoc.

Not too long after, April 28th to be exact, the first Gorillaz album in six years, Humanz was released.

I think the reason I was so excited for the release of Humanz, and now for this set at III Points, is because my first encounter with Gorillaz is something my dad and I still joke about today. Throwback to 2005. Ya girl was probably watching Drake and Josh or something like that when the commercial for Now That’s What I Call Music! 19 came on. A short little clip from the “Feel Good Inc.” music video was in it. For some reason, the way 2-D kinda twists his body around just blew my tiny brain.

(Skip to 1:53 to see what I’m talking about)

I immediately ran into the garage to tell my dad about this “creepy guy with black eyes and he did this,” and I tried to recreate the spinny thing. I fell right on a drawer of my dad’s giant metal tool chest and busted my 7 year old ass. Still to this day, I’ve never had a bruise as bad as that one. But all ended well because I got to go to Target that day to buy¬†the Now That’s What I Call Music! 19 CD.

III Points is coming up very quickly! Be sure to grab your tickets now! See you October 13-15th!

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