A Quest to Vietnam

Lose yourself in the colors and magic of Quest Festival. It returns to North Vietnam for its fifth year November 10-12. In a rapidly evolving scene, this festival has stood out for its music and immersive experience. Set in one of the most scenic festival sites in the world, the grounds are surrounded by a breathtaking lake and flourishing jungle. Over 70 musical acts will grace the five stages over the course of three days. Fire dancing classes, costume parties, and outdoor art galleries are just some of the splendor to be explored. Read on to find out just what Quest has in store for attendees!


A mere 45 minutes from the main city of Hanoi, the festival grounds are surrounded by a dazzling lake. Bring an inflatable and float the day away or dance in the shallow waters at night. Enchanting forest, scenic mountains, and verdant jungle also flank the campgrounds. The picturesque location highlights the natural and wondrous beauty of Vietnam.

Festival Theme 

Every year, Quest hosts a spectacular theme. It is expressed through performances, installations, stages, and participants. This year’s theme is the four holy animal of Vietnam or in Vietnamese Tứ linh. Those four are: The Dragon, The Qilin, The Phoenix and The Turtle. The Dragon symbolizes life, growth, the universe, wisdom and nobility. The Qilin, sometimes called the unicorn, is the head of a dragon and the legs of a deer. It embodies luck and security. The Phoenix is the king of the birds and exemplifies prosperity, morality and elegance. The Turtle is the most complex representing immortality, strength and enduring power.


It’s a fact, every festival goer loves to get dressed up. Quest Festival takes costumes to a whole new level. In the months leading up to the festival they offer workshops for attendees to meet and explore their creativity. On Saturday of the festival they host a Costume Catwalk Party. The winner earns a lifetime ticket to the festival! You read that right, your sewing skills and creativity could earn you a free ticket to the festival for every year of your life!


From a first glance at the lineup, it appears as if every style of music is represented. From Ska to Jazz to Techno, artists from all genres and countries will be at Quest Festival. A heavy mix of Vietnamese, British, and American acts will be gracing the festival’s five stages. Over 70 acts will perform during the course of the weekend. It will surely be a musical experience that won’t be forgotten!

Art and Performances

While we all go to festivals for the love of music, that is not the only feature we look for when attending a transformational festival. Per the festival, the performance portion of the festival will encompass stage decor, installations, workshops & healing, and performance art. Learn to fire dance or simply watch them from a safe distance. Give improv comedy a try or just laugh at one of their shows. Create your own feather earrings, walk through and outdoor gallery, or appreciate the utilization of Vietnamese wood design in the stages. It’s your Quest, enjoy it how you like!

Don’t miss out! Quest Festival will take place November 10-12 in Vietnam. Get your tickets here.

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