Gabriel and Dresden Prove Great Trance is Timeless

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Digital Society

The stars aligned! I FINALLY got to see my favorite trance duo of all time, Gabriel and Dresden. Every time they have toured anywhere remotely close I had not been able to attend. Seeing them put me on cloud nine, and it just so happened that I was able to bring my nearest and dearest friends with me to celebrate my 34th trip around the sun.

As many festivals as I go to, (I have 6 minimum slated for 2017) I can honestly say that I was more excited for this DJ set than I have been for any festival lineup this year. If that doesn’t tell you how committed to my fandom I am, I don’t know what will. We literally drove 7 plus hours to get there. That’s dedication.

For those not in the #trancefam, Gabriel and Dresden were revered in the early 2000s with their chart topping single “As the Rush Comes.”  Trust me, you have heard it, and pioneers of trance like ABV and Paul Van Dyk routinely have played their tracks. Their music is more melody driven (think Above and Beyond) but with an eclectic flair that almost sounds more multi-genre and progressive at times. When they decided to develop solo projects in 2008, I kicked myself for not making the long journey all the way to Miami to see what was to be their final performance together. Thankfully the clouds parted and they reunited a few years later and started touring the festival circuit.  Now that you have had your history lesson, let’s discuss their set, shall we?

Typically I work myself up a bit too much with expectations for a bucket list DJ set. I have left several disappointed, making it more in my mind that it would end up being. I must absolutely say after driving 7.5 hours, after sitting in rush hour traffic hell, booking a hotel room, all for one night… this set was WORTH IT. Not only did they play an amazing mixture of new tracks, they also played to the old-schoolers in the room who have supported them for years. These gentlemen are such class acts. They signed a poster and took a photo with me. And yes, in case you are wondering… they played my favorite track. I still have goosebumps.

Site 1 A in Milwaukee Wisconsin is putting on some incredible local trance shows, and I am so excited to have witnessed their local scene. They have Moon Boots booked for October 13, and the Claude VonStroke on October 14th. Their VIP staff was amazing, the night was incredible, and we even came home with some cheese. (I highly recommend stopping by the Mars Cheese Castle if you are in town. It’s like heaven… for cheese).  I would call this trip a massive win. Looks like this won’t be my last trip to Wisconsin. Until next time!

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