How To Successfully Score Tickets for Burning Man’s OMG Sale Today

Thousands of us sat at home watching our little man crawl ever so slowly across the screen just a few months ago. After about an hour of pain and misery, we were told the Burn had quickly sold out of about 60,000 tickets.

Now, those of us who have been dreaming about returning home have a second chance in what is known as the OMG Sale. If you’re reading this message and you have no idea what I’m talking about, I am sorry to tell you that today is not your day. If you have not already registered, you will not get tickets (and yes, its too late to register). However, if you have registered, I am going to give you a handful of tips on how to secure your tickets. I was fortunate enough to grab (2) Burning Man tickets last year in the OMG Sale, where only 2,000 tickets are released at regular price ($425 + $80 vehicle passes).


1. Log Into Your Burner Profile.

You can only access the sale by logging in, so be ready and logged in by about 11:45am PT today!

2. Log Into Your Ticketfly Account.

Burning Man Organization uses Ticketfly to process all orders, and you will have to log in if you’re one of the lucky 2,000 people today. In order to save some time and confirm your tickets immediately, make sure you’ve already logged into the system.

3. Have your Credit Card information loaded in Ticketfly.

Again, big time saver here.

4. Log in on multiple devices.

Remember never ever to do hit “refresh” when you see our favorite walking man. This will lose your place in line. Instead, have multiple browsers ready to go.

5. Wait patiently (or not so patiently) for 12pm and be ready on the Burner Profile page.

See step one, and make sure that you’re logged in and ready to go. The Burner Profile page will have a button that will magically appear to let you know its time to get in line.


I sincerely hope this helps all of you out there desperate for tickets to the most amazing city in the world. GOOD LUCK, and IN DUST WE TRUST. )'(


Shoutout to Vincent Do who inspired this article because he is constantly trying to help others make it to the Burn. 



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