Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer” Video Has All The Feels From Summer 2017

guest written by Tiffany Moya

photo by Jose Valdovinos for Festival Squad 

Jai Wolf’s track, Indian summer, timeless sound, and essence have finally been captured in a video and the feels you are bound to experience truly hit home on so many levels.

The stunning cinematography embodies the vibe of this track so perfectly you can feel the desire to live and experience life shiver up your spine. The inspiration to travel the world is aided by the music’s melodic tune and invigorating journey of self-discovery portrayed by actor, Assad Keval.

In life, we experience moments of feeling lost that lead us to wandering off one path and into new adventures. Maybe we start our journey alone, but with each new place we travel to and each person we meet, we become humbled and changed.  Magically, the right people come together in new places and we forge a familial network scattered around the globe during our travels: new hidden pockets to call home. Although we may part from these people, its never “goodbye” forever. We find ourselves on these journeys, and each marker along the trail we walk is left with a footprint stamped with an impression of our soul.

For a track that’s uplifting sound captured the hearts of all those wanderlust spirits, this video is the perfect way to finish off what started an amazing career and beginning of a musical journey for the artist.



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