[BREAKING]: Shambhala is back ON for the last day!

Yesterday, the family at Shambhala Music Festival in B.C. Canada was extremely disappointed to learn that on its 20th anniversary, the festival would close one day early. The festival issued an official announcement stating that due to multiple wildfire breakouts, it was too dangerous to keep the attendees on site. Over the course of the night, multiple DJs suggested that festival goers break out into rain dance and pray for the festival to go on.


This morning in Salmo, it rained.


And at about 11:30am this morning, Shambhala campers were informed that the festival will IN FACT proceed!

Festies rejoiced as they quit packing their cars, and are now ready for day four of this magical festival. Tonight’s lineup includes JAUZ and Adventure Club.
Due to the news of the potential cancellation of Shambhala in the earlier hours, REZZ will not be playing tonight.

Stay safe out there Shambhala, and enjoy the last day!


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