Prime Music Festival Essentials

Photo Credit:  Billy Lawrence

Written By: Cheyanne Powell


Prime Music Festival is approaching this September 15th-16th in Lansing, MI at Adado Riverfront Park. With artists such as Marshmello, Migos, Machine Gun Kelly, Party Thieves, and Waka Flocka Flame it is bound to be a party.  Grabbing a 2-day GA pass for $60 or even the 2-day VIP pass for $109 is a bargain.  Now we all know what it is like trying to decide what to bring to a festival. What are we going to forget? Should I bring my whole closet? Can I just go nude? Yeah, we wish you could too BUT here are some fashionable tips to help you enjoy one of the best weekends in Lansing.

Be sure to keep an eye on the weather. Rain or shine, you want to be comfortable. Here are just a few important items to bring with you and where you can find them:


A Hat

Whether it’s for comfort, style, or protection from the weather, a hat is always necessary. Check out Grassroots California for some of the most fashionable statements. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading towards that trippy style or a calm color pattern, they have several to choose from.

Photo Credit: Grassroots California

A Bag/Hydration Packs

One of the most important things to do is stay hydrated. Be sure to snag a hydration packs from Vibedration with some that can hold up to three liters of water. Not only is it great for staying hydrated but you can hold all your belongings inside of it so you’re hands free and can bust a move.

Photo Credit: Vibedration

A Pashmina

Keeping up with fashion and comfortability- don’t forget a pashmina. Whether you use it for protection from the sun, a fashionable piece, or as your dancing partner- you’ll love it. Depending on the color scheme you’re aiming for, Amazon has over hundreds of styles and patterns to pick from.

Photo Credit: Billy Lawrence

A Tapestry/Blanket

Busting out your best Carlton dance moves can get pretty tiring all day long. You’ll want to sit down and rest your feet before they bust out of your shoes. Instead of sitting on the ground, bring along a blanket or a tapestry. It’s lightweight and could fit perfectly in your bag. Grab one at your local store such as Target or for more options, check out Etsy.

Photo Credit: Etsy MandalaLifeArtShop

Comfortable Shoes

Rain or shine, you want to be prepared. With a lot of walking and dancing, perhaps your favorite sandals may not be the best option. Check out Chacos! You can keep that sandal look but with a footwear that was made for the outdoors. If the clouds look a little dark and rain may be an option, stop by your local outdoors store for a pair of rain boots. Amazon is another great site with affordable prices if you’re more of an online shopper.

Photo Credit: Chacos

Single Day and 2-Day Tickets Are Still Available By Clicking Here

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