Northern Nights: A Playlist To Get You Movin’ and Groovin’

Northern Nights Festival is fast approaching, and we are so stoked! This three-day event is going to be one for the books, featuring music, comedy, and much much more. If you are traveling from the Bay Area or somewhere further out, we have got you covered with a playlist to tide you over until next weekend, or even for your ride there!  Whether you enjoy getting down to dance or bobbing your head to the beat, this playlist will have you moving! The wide range in terms of the genre for this playlist features some of our favorite acts for this July 14th-16th, 2017.

A glimpse into the 2017 musical lineup:

-Living Legends is undisputably an incredible hip hop group consisting of six individuals. Their rapping styles cohesively meld together to create amazing music.

-Jai Wolf has been exploding in the EDM scene, after releasing his songs “Indian Summer” and “Drive”, he released an incredible full-length album. His energy on the stage will be undeniable!

Cherub is most known for their song “Doses & Mimosas, their distinct sound is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Check out some of their lesser known tracks in our playlist.

G Jones is one of the most exciting names in music. With his music self-described as “glitchy trip hop” there is no way his unique style won’t have you floored!

Justin Jay explores experiences with each of his songs, which explains their length. Make no mistake his songs will have you feeling all types of ways as we follow him on his Fantastic Voyage!

Big Wild has been consistently dropping tracks and we cannot get enough. His newest EP Invincible is arguably the most consistent set of music out in 2017! Listen to our recent interview with Jackson himself here!

With such a wide range of talent including but not limited to EDM, hip hop, and comedy, this festival will be one for the books. If you haven’t already, get your Northern Nights tickets here!

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