5 Reasons I Am Seriously Stoked to Attend City Hearts LA

Tomorrow night, the Desert Hearts crew is taking over Los Angeles as part of their 2017 City Hearts Summer tour. I have, sadly, never been to a Desert Hearts event- but word gets around and I know I am absolutely in for a techno-filled treat. Read on to discover why I cannot wait to finally indulge in some DH, and I’ll report back after Saturday night with all of the juicy details about my experience!

The Fashion

Fashion and music go hand in hand, and from what I have seen, Desert Hearts continuously bring out the top fashionistas at every event. There really are no better avenues of self-expression than wearing the ensembles that make your heart sing and shamelessly shaking what your mama gave ya out on the dance floor. When I think of the Desert Hearts squad, I immediately think of bright people rocking vibrant colors and shiny prints. And, any DJ that religiously rocks a vivacious top hat during each set already gets an A+ in my book.

The Family

Anytime that I have mentioned that I am attending City Hearts to a veteran DH attendee, their faces light up and eyes immediately start beaming. “You’re going to love it.” “It is like one giant family.” “The people are SO nice.” This type of culture is what I strive to seek out when attending any event, so naturally, I get overcome with butterflies when I hear these remarks. When the festival culture that we have all come to know, love, and appreciate can become translated to a one-night event- that’s how you know we have found something wonderful.

To Get In Tune With My House and Techno

My house music awakening just recently occurred at Lightning in a Bottle. I walked into the Woogie and never wanted to leave. I felt something ignited inside of me that no other beat has made me feel before, and my body was moving in ways that I didn’t know it could. Since then, I have sought after any opportunity that lets me shake it out to some of those delicious repetitive beats. Techno, on the other hand, is a genre that I am less than familiar with. I trust that the Desert Hearts guys are the top teachers of the craft to further my knowledge of these beautiful genres.

To Fall in Love With My New City

Living in rural Colorado for the past 5 years has been a life-changing opportunity, but now I am more ready than ever to return to my Southern California roots. Desert Hearts is THE artist collective around these parts and partying with them is the only way I see fit to get properly acclimated.  Los Angeles is a BIG place, but if you have house, techno, and love- what more do you need to feel right at home? And, Exchange LA is a beautiful venue that always attracts some of the hottest names in electronic music. Never have I been more excited to call a place my home.

To Boogie Down

I have always missed catching a Desert Hearts party by a hair, but enough is enough. If you are reading this Mikey, Porkchop, Lee and Marbs- I promise to dance my heart out and bring my best moves for all of those funky times I have missed. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten lost in my daily car boogie to this tune, either:


So, if your Saturday night is in need of some grooves, join me at Exchange LA tomorrow for the party! And, if you can’t make it- follow @FestivalSquad on Instagram for some live updates from the City Hearts party of the Summer!

A limited amount of tickets are still available here.

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