Northern Nights Is Paving The Way For Cannabis Lovers At Festivals

written by Hatim Hafid

It’s no secret that California is renowned for its excellent cannabis, and  it comes as no surprise that many festies in this area enjoy it. This weekend marks the beginning of Northern Nights, a festival that  will take place in the magnificent Redwoods of the Mendocino-Humboldt area. Now on its 5th year, Northern Nights will not only bring the joy and splendor of music, yoga, and camping, but also, the first ever 215 Zone… a safe haven for cannabis lovers to sample goods from a handful of local dispensaries. 

What will the 215 Zone offer to festival goers? 

Northern Nights is the first festival of its kind to offer a cannabis boutique to medical card holders right inside festival grounds. Local farmers and companies throughout Northern California will be able to showcase their best buds. Whether you are looking for the head high of sativa, the body high of indica, or a hybrid that sits just right with you, the 215 Zone is guaranteed to create the most enjoyable cannabis experience possible. 

The 215 Zone or “Tree Lounge” will offer:

  • Hemp Oil Massage*,
  • “Yoga in the Grove” and Movement Workshops curated by Bloom Farms*,
  • Medicine Infused Food*,
  • Education and Consultation Services*,
  • Local Flowers and Top Shelf Wax*

*All onsite cannabis requires a doctor’s recommendation

Which dispensaries will be at the 215 lounge?

Emerald Pharms, Bloom Farms, Humboldt Brothers, Emerald Cup, Royal Gold, Humboldt Brand will be some of the dispensaries offering their goods. Northern Nights is clearly bringing together some of the best dispensaries in one of the most world renowned areas for cannabis, the Emerald Triangle is in the heart of this festival. The dispensaries will carry different flowers along with edibles and top shelf wax to provide a variety of ways to ingest the cannabis products.

Andrew Borgelt, the cofounder of Northern Lights was extremely excited about the progressive movement the festival could provide, stating, “NNMF is humbled and excited to announce that we will be moving the Medical Marijuana (215) Zone into the main bowl and incorporating it as one of our premiere experiences. Infusing music with cannabis like it has never been done before.”

As marijuana prohibition comes to a close, Northern Nights sets out to pave the way for cannabis use at festivals. What many saw as simply a pipe dream has come to fruition at Northern Nights. Whether you aim to wake and bake at the silent disco, get couch locked on a floaty in the lake, or feel the head high as you dance at the main stage, this camping experience will be unforgettable. We cannot wait for this historic event to occur over the weekend.

If you have not purchased your ticket yet, it’s not too late! Get them here.

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