Chance stops SoundCloud Panic

SoundCloud lovers have no fear, Chance the Rapper is here!

The internet has been buzzing with talks that music streaming platform, SoundCloud, is in its final days. After announcing massive layoffs and the closing of both its San Francisco and London offices last week, speculation began on the well being of the company. Then, panicked music fans hit the internet yesterday, prematurely morning the loss of the streaming service.

As the rumors of an impending downfall hit a peak, Chance the Rapper stepped in. In a Tweet at 11 a.m. yesterday, he indicated that he’s “working on the SoundCloud thing”.

Then today he soothed everyone further with a follow up tweet.

While this does not exactly indicate that SoundCloud was truly in trouble of closing up shop or if Chance actually did anything to save them, it does calm the nerves of worried music lovers.

And if Chance wasn’t enough to help end the rumors, SoundCloud also followed up with a series of Tweets today.

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