Win A Brand New SHIFTPOD2 From Festival Squad

In case you didn’t know, our slogan is Festing For The People. And we do just that. We attend festivals and document them to our best ability, so that you are able to read what we have to say and decide if said festival is one you want to invest your hard earned money on. Likewise, we tell you about the best and most unique products in the festie marketplace.

One of the best products we have yet to encounter, is SHIFTPOD. A SHIFTPOD is a pop up yurt that takes :60 to set up, and :60 to take down. Its essentially a pop up room on the go, and we’ve had a blast festing in it with our Squad. We love it so much, that we want to share the love with you! On 7/2 one very lucky winner will be drawn to receive a SHIFTPOD2, the latest and greatest in the SHIFTPOD family. There is almost a dozen ways to enter, so check them out below. And if you need a review, be sure to read it here and check out the improvements made from the SHIFTPOD v1.8 and the SHIFTPOD2.

GOOD LUCK, and Squad UP!

Festival Squad x SHIFTPOD Giveaway


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