Did Someone Just Leak the Project: Z Lineup?!

Guest Written by Daniella Hughes

Photo by Don Idio

We, here at Festival Squad, are always searching the interwebs for festival secrets. Recently, we discovered a leaked Project: Z lineup. Project: Z is the lovechild of Bassrush and Basscon, taking place at the NOS Events Center on August 12, 2017. Here. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Now here’s where it gets better. In a casual Twitter conversation with leaked lineup included DJ ConRank, who we got to catch at The Untz Festival, he confirms that he will be playing in San Bernardino at the NOS Center on August 12, 2017.

Coincidence much? As excited as we were to uncover this gem of information, we cannot confirm 100% for certain that this is indeed this year’s Project: Z lineup, but our spidey senses are definitely tingling. Bassrush & Basscon, WHERE THE LINEUP AT THO?!

Tickets are on their second tier and are set to sell out. If you have yet to pick up tickets for Project: Z, you can do so here. You won’t want to miss the second gathering of the harder styles of dance music!

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