The Power of Music: Interview with ROZES

If the lyrics, “Say you’ll never let me go,” ring a bell, you’ve experienced the musical talents of ROZES. Born and raised in Philly, this woman gives fans an incredible blend of electro-pop/alternative R&B. Although her most well-known track is the fun dance tune “Roses” with The Chainsmokers duo, her music goes much deeper. We had the chance to sit down with her at Firefly Music Festival this past weekend in Dover, Delaware, to talk all things music, mental health, and taking over the world!

Festival Squad: First off, thank you so much for sitting down with me! And happy Firefly! How’s your weekend going?

ROZES: It’s just great. I mean, it’s sweaty and hot. I feel like summer just came out of nowhere. I’m from Philly so it was like colder and then all of a sudden this week it’s just like, “Welcome to summer!”

FS: Sweaty for sure. Any cool stories from the weekend so far? Performances you’re really looking forward to?

R: So I saw Twenty One Pilots, which was just amazing! Then I discovered a new band called Shaed which was also amazing. I’m excited for The Weeknd, Lewis del Mar, and Kesha tonight.

FS: Awesome! Alright, so, you’re only 24, correct?

R: Yes!

FS: Did you ever think that you would become this successful at this age?

R: Well it’s actually really funny because I say it all the time. I look at where my friends are; and obviously they are all far in life, but I feel like I was supposed to be that friend that was still trying to figure shit out at the age of 40. I was the lost friend always. All of a sudden I become this something that I guess everyone around me knew I would become, but I had no idea. So I guess at 24 I’m pretty lucky that I’m doing my dream, and I can only hope that everybody else gets to love what they do everyday.

FS: Nice, I absolutely love that. So, I’ve read that you are an advocate for women’s empowerment as well as mental illness?

R: Hell yeah!

FS: In a world where mental illness is extremely real and very common, what role would you say music plays in bringing awareness and possibly helping those struggling?

R: I think that it is very important for my fans to know that when you’re an artist, you have a voice. You get to use that voice. A lot of artists are struggling with mental illness. I constantly am struggling through it every day, like “Ugh, I have to get out of bed and do shit.” But I really think fans need to know, and for artists to use that platform, because I want them to realize how far you can go even when you are suffering inside. Look how many people can relate, and how many people can help you through it. You don’t have to end it. Music is so important to heal, and you should use it as an escape. That’s what I did. It saved me. It saved my life. So I think the importance of music as far as mental health goes is infinite.

FS: That’s really amazing. As someone who uses music in that same way, I really appreciate when artists use their voice to speak up about tough topics like that and help out other people.

R: Yeah! I think it’s so important to express how fragile I am and how I’ve been because I want people to see that like, “Wow, she’s going through this just like me, and she’s doing well.”

FS: Alright we have to talk about your song with The Chainsmokers. Did you ever expect it to blow up that much?

R: No! Neither of us did. We thought that it was just going to be a cool jam, and even like labels told us, “Yeah, it’s alright.” When we released it, people went nuts! People tweet me the lyrics all them time. When I’m on stage with them at these huge arenas where people are singing the lyrics that I have written, it’s just like all overwhelming. We haven’t had a moment to really like sit down and think like this is really happening now.

FS: You released a song with Cash Cash not too long ago. What was that creative process like?

R: So with Cash Cash, we met at this like Jingle Ball or Let it Snow show for AMP Radio. I had this song written acoustically. I had alway heard their productions and I thought they were geniuses. So I was like, “Guys, I have this song and I would love for you to work on it.” So they did the whole production, and it just turned out to be that emotional explosion I needed.

FS: Awesome! You now have a song “Canyons” coming out next month. Can you give us a little hint on what to expect?

R: Yeah! It’s a tropical dance-y track. You know, I wanted to include my dance fans that I’ve developed along the way. Also, it’s emotional, as per usual. It’s about a disagreement with somebody you love, and you’re realizing that you don’t have to agree on everything. It does’t mean that you’re not compatible.

FS: Looking forward to it! Last but not least, what can the world expect to see from ROZES by the end of 2017?

R: Ahhh. Hopefully at the Grammys! But definitely a couple EPs, an album. I just got signed, so we’re gonna kinda conquer the world.

Be sure to keep up with ROZES on her Facebook, Official Site, and Soundcloud!

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