Recovery from Torture with Gramatik and Eric Krasno

After an action packed 2016 that included Epigram, broken legs, and a new GRiZMATiK track, Gramatik is back again working on some funky tracks for everyone to be excited about! The new single “Recovery” features close friend and frequent collaborator, Eric Krasno. The track overall boasts a soulful vibe that will want you to kick back and relax.

The intro of the track features an early 50’s-60’s instrumentation of the keys. The build up does not hesitate to jump right into the beginning of the song that features metaphorical lyrics of Eric Krasno. With a combination of a soulful beat, vocals, and keys/guitar, this song really hits home and reminds people that are struggling to help them get their mentality/priorities back to normal (hence Recovery). With the release of this single, this has me excited for what the future holds for this new album that Gramatik has in the works!

This track first came to life after Gramatik sustained a leg injury that caused him to take a break from his touring schedule. The last song that Gramatik and Eric Krasno was “Torture” off of The Age of Reason back in 2014. As quoted by Gramatik on the Soundcloud page, “Kraz and I are in Recovery from Torture :)” and this newest single does not disappoint!

Take a listen below!

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