Lightning in a Birksun: How a Solar Backpack Changed my Festival Experience

Ask anyone what they love about Lightning in a Bottle and they will probably tell you something along the lines of the stellar lineups, colorful fashion, or the empowering sunshine. This year, I had the opportunity to roam around the beautiful grounds and soak up those rays with my Birksun solar powered backpack. Game changer.

The backpack is equipped with a solar panel on the outside, acting as a small charger. When you connect any USB cord to the charger inside of the pack, you automatically have a charge. And the best part is, you don’t have to do a thing. You just wear it. With my Birksun Festival bag, my phone stayed alive for the entirety of the festival. This may seem trivial but at a sprawling festival like LIB, this means a lot:


  • I could locate and contact my friends all day long.

  • I took more photos than I ever had in the three years of attending.

  • I was able to keep track of time and the lineup.

  • I didn’t have to trek back to my campsite a mile away, or waste time standing at a charging station.


This bag allowed me to stay connected comfortably and stylishly. The material of the bag, the zippers, the pockets, and the solar panel are all high-quality and guaranteed to last you many festival seasons to come. In case you’re someone who is rough on your stuff, each bag comes with a one year warranty.

So, how does a solar backpack work?

As I mentioned, effortlessly.

  • The solar panel (waterproof) charges by just wearing it in the sun. A small light inside on the pack will let you know if its getting great charge (direct sunlight) or a medium charge (usually around sunset).
  • For every two minutes that the pack is charging, your phone gets a 1% charge when plugged in. And, it charges just as quickly as if it were plugged into the wall. This all happens while you are busting a move, checking out art installments, or chilling out at camp. The solar panel is guaranteed to last 20 years- so you know it’s high quality.
  • That is it. Be in the sun, and charge whatever device needs a boost.

Birksun has a wide range of bags to fit your fashion needs, with styles starting at just $99. This price includes the backpack and solar panel charger. All you need to bring is your phone or tablet, and a USB charger. The Birksun Festival bag, which I have, retails at $144 and comes with free shipping. It is absolutely a worthwhile investment for those of us that like (or need) to stay connected and have easy access to our stuff. Mine has accompanied me to festivals, day hikes, and international travel and really has become my best traveling companion. It is big enough to throw a water bottle, light jacket, and some snacks in, and small enough so you can easily forget you are wearing it.  This bag is so comfortable it seemed as though the straps perfectly meshed to my body and truly became part of me after 5 days of festing. I recommend bringing along a Birksun to your next festival to make your life much easier.
Check out the Birksun website here to see all their awesome backpacks and figure out which style is right for you.



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