Camp Bisco Artist Spotlight: CloZee

Some days you start to think that the electronic world is becoming too saturated and that you’re hearing the same sounds over and over. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when seeing the same major artists on lineups and hearing the same mainstream tracks dropped by multiple DJ’s in one day at a festival. It’s not that these songs aren’t great and these artists don’t deserve their audience, but we’re all constantly searching for that new sound. The something different that opens our minds to a whole new way of seeing the world. That musical masterpiece that takes you on a journey through a part of the universe that you’ve never before been to. That’s why we love festivals. It’s not just about the headliners, it’s about the smaller names making noise on the smaller stages. This is where underground artists, rising from their respective scenes, get to make their first impressions on a larger platform and it’s where we, as fans, have our faith restored in the ever-developing world of electronic music.

Today is one of those days where I get to share with you someone who’s music I hold very close to my heart and has reminded me of the clarity and understanding that a well-crafted masterpiece can bring amidst a world of chaos and confusion. Today’s Camp Bisco Artist Spotlight is all about CloZee.

ChloĆ© Herry has been making huge waves in underground scenes and at transformational festivals for more than 5 years, honing her craft and developing a sound completely unique to her, something she calls “World Bass”, and for good reason. Blossoming from her home of Toulouse, France, her music is filled with imagination and grace that helps to translate the world’s deepest secrets through soundscapes that are as organic and international as her roots. A talented instrumentalist herself, she began playing classical guitar at the young age of 11 and started producing electronic music at 16. This background inspires a melodic touch of cinematic flair, filled with tribal vocals, crisp instrumental samples, and sounds from nature that are brought to their full potential when she mixes them elegantly in the magical melting pot of bass music. Transporting you instantly to whatever world is inspiring the moment, she is a true wizardess and a powerful player setting the stage for conscious female performers and producers worldwide.

With releases from labels like OTODAYO Records and Gravitas Recordings and now opening and performing alongside major artists such as Bassnectar, Psymbionic, Tipper, Gramatik and many more, this girl is gaining some seriously well-deserved traction this year. Her latest EP, titled ‘Harmony’, and released through Gravitas Recordings, is the latest testament to her precision and imagination.

If you’re wondering whether or not her stage presence lives up to the standard of her creations, I can happily assure you that they do. In fact, I was lucky enough to discover CloZee through serendipity and spontaneity. After hearing her praises, but only having a few tastes of her music, it was at Beloved Festival in lovely Oregon last year that I was finally graced with her performance. A small, wonderfully intimate, and highly cultural festival, Saturday night was deemed “Bass Night” and focused on electronic talents. Following a performance by a magician in his own right, Tipper, and assisted by the lovely visual productions of Jonathan Singer, CloZee seamlessly wove her way into our minds and hearts that night. Her music amplified by powerful Funktion-1’s, ChloĆ© beamed and bounced that night as she took us on the journey of a lifetime. It had been a while since I had this revelation, but once it was all said and done, I specifically remember looking at my new found friends on the dance floor and muttering, “I get it now. THAT’S the CloZee everyone’s been talking about.”

Do NOT miss her performance on Friday at Camp Bisco and be sure to catch her on one of her other tour stops, opening for Bassnectar at his Freestyle Sessions and Bass Center special events as well as multiple other festival stops including SubOctave, Shambhala, and Oregon Eclipse.

See you in Scranton, PA July 14th-16th. Grab your tickets here!

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