Sloss Fest: 3 Artists You Shouldn’t Miss

Sloss fest 2017 is upon us, with a little less than two months until Birmingham is blessed again with an awesome and diverse lineup. It will be the weekend of July 15th and 16th; if you’re able to make it we have made a list of the 3 artists to not miss this year.

  • Widespread Panic- For those attending, this was probably an expected no brainer to make the list. Since forming in 1986, Widespread Panic has made it to elite status in the jam band scene. With 30 years together as a band, this is by far the #1 to see at Sloss fest. Just in the last couple years have I began to slowly transition from listening to only EDM to a few jam bands. Widespread panic has one of the most loyal fan bases; record breaking sold out shows at some of the greatest venues in the US and a large contribution to the history of southern rock. During their time as a band they have released 12 studio albums and 43 live albums, selling millions of copies. This will be a first time experience seeing Widespread Panic for me, and I would suggest to anyone to not miss this act!
  • Odesza – After only emerging into the scene in 2012, the Washington duo has rose to the top in the electronic music scene everywhere. Known formally as Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), Odesza brought a new laid back and more ambient sound that I personally never listened to. Since their start I have seen the duo perform live and have been in awe at what I experienced. A recent release of two new songs has rekindled the sounds which previously took the world by surprise, and with that it is no shock Odesza made it to #2 on acts to not miss this year at Sloss fest.
  • Cherub – Coming from the near neighbor where Sloss fest is held, the Nashville duo Cherub has made the list this year. Active since 2010, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber again brought a new mix of electronic, funk and rock to the music scene. The release of their song “Doses & Mimosas” caught the attention of many people and interest spiked in what this Nashville duo was going to do. While in college at the University of Alabama I was able to see them perform at the early stages of what Cherub is now known as. Every time I could, I would grab a ticket to go see the high-energy fun packed shows around the area. With a recent album release in 2016, Cherub has continued to grow and perform at iconic festivals all around the US, that’s what makes them and act to not miss at this years event.


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