Artist Spotlight: Psytrance Legend Vini Vici

Written by David Flores

 Vini Vici is the incomparable duo of producers from Israel, Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh, who have created a huge fan base across the entire universe with their inspiring songs and unique sounds. With the most influential and amazing remix to Highlight Tribe’s “Free Tibet”, Vini Vici stunned the world and made a huge impact on the EDM industry. Needless to say that their production is incredible and breathtaking from the lasers, to the sounds coming out of the speakers, to just the vibes throughout the whole set- it’s indescribable. Here’s a video of their set from last year (Transmissions Lost Oracle Set).

Another amazing song is called “Veni Vendi Vici” and is based on a famous phrase from 47 BC, which was used by the politician and general Julius Cesar. For everyone that has never heard that phrase before, the meaning behind it signifies “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Listening to this song for the first time live was the most magical experience for not only myself but also for many other amazing souls. Check it out below:

With Ultra Miami being behind us for a couple weeks now, people are still talking about how extraordinary  Vini Vici’s set was. People around the world who were not able to attend this year’s experience (like myself) had the privilege to capture the set via Youtube Live and all I can say as a spectator and a huge fan is it was bananas and I have watched his set multiple times. Here is this years 2017 Ultra Miami set, which is a must watch for any trance lover.

Catch Vini Vici and many other amazing artists at Dreamstate San Francisco this May 27th-28th, 2017!

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