The Hottest Night in the Desert: Dirty Disco 2017

Guest Written by Frank Lugo

Photos by Sage Thomas

“One Dirty Stage, One Dirty Vibe, One Unforgettable Night.”

Arizona’s premier desert party is back again this year with a vengeance!  Bringing a bigger stage, more fire, and the heaviest hitting artists to date, this year’s Dirty Disco is the most anticipated we’ve ever seen.  Brought to you by Hades Entertainment and supported by Sam Groove, the event is on for May 20th, 2017 at the Rawhide Rodeo Arena. Additionally- before any lasers pierce the sky, everyone will be coming together for the Dirty Disco Pre-Party:  May 18th at 8 pm at The World Famous Nile Theater.  

First off, let’s talk lineup.  Being the 8th annual Dirty Disco, this year will be featuring headlining performances from many of the most outstanding and determined, up and coming artists there are to offer.  

First on the itinerary is Eric Roth, aka Squnto.  Known for his unstoppable rise in the bass music scene, he is expected to deliver some of the most unique and heaviest beats of the night.  Following up is The Prototypes.  This duo, Chris Garvey and Nick White, have done nothing but made their presence known over the past few years, impressing and remixing some of leading artists in the industry.  Their polished vocals and crushing bass/drums lines cause absolute mayhem -and make them a can’t miss.  

Dubloadz, or Dave Nardolilli, is an incredibly talented producer who’s high energy, meticulously crafted tracks are shattering the scene’s norms as fast as they are rising through the ranks.  Next up is Jvst Say Yes, a mysterious artist who sprang out of nowhere but who is already showing mastery over the bass house scene.  His songs are fast and fiery and will be a perfect fit for the dirty vibes of the night.  Now, let’s not forget to mention a name that has been echoing in the industry for a while: Jordan Suckley.  Finally breaking away the newcomer status, Suckley holds headlining slots in multiple massive gigs for the rest of the year.  Now equipped with his own new record label, you can expect to hear his name much more in the future. 

Then there is Corey Soljan, aka Code Black.  This guy’s recent hardstyle successes have plastered his name everywhere.  His epic songs, determination for uniqueness, and powerful stage presence, all make him a force to be reckoned with.  The crowd will be eagerly waiting for his moment behind the speakers.  Last but not least is the highly skilled and experienced, world-renowned artist Berg. Infamous for his dark and deep sound, he knows just what to do to get the crowds moving.  Gigs across the globe hope to get him in a slot but for this one night, he will be joining us in the desert.  

While the lineup is scorching, that’s not the only reason thousands flock to this event.  To really understand the lure of the Dirty Disco, one must understand the event’s origins.  The Dirty Disco began in 2009, during the rise of desert raves.  It was an event born from the fire of renegades –and by this, I mean almost literally.  During its humble beginnings, the center of attention at the raves seemed not to be the small stage, but rather a bonfire of sorts that the attendees would party around.  This was because there were no lasers or big theatrics… All they had was dirt, a bonfire, good music, and a group of rebels.

Fire Performance (Dirty Disco 2016)

 The spirit of these modest beginnings is kept alive in the Dirty Disco’s immense use of fire throughout the night. The stage itself has multiple fire jets and the crowds are speckled with fire performers.  It’s recommended that you dress down and be prepared to get dirty and face the heat.  

“You guys have no idea how much fire we’re bringing to this year’s event.” – Sam Groove

Groove promises Dirty Disco 2017 will be unlike anything Arizona has ever seen.

Get your tickets HERE. #LetsGetDirty

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