Festival Squad Prediction: ODESZA Will Drop New Album at Red Rocks

Today is the day that so many of us fans have been waiting for. The start of a two-day run from the magical Seattle-based duo, ODESZA. These sold out shows come straight after a mini tour with stops in Spokane, WA, Eugene, OR and Boise, ID. On the mini tour, Clay and Harrison dropped a few new songs from their new album that became IDs.

The addition of these new songs along with their song drop in early April only suggest that ODESZA is ready to put on quite the performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater. In fact, for the past few months, Festival Squad has been predicting a full album drop at Red Rocks. We anticipate that most, if not all, new songs will be released from the duo’s upcoming album with no announced release date. We will be ready to report back to you directly following Saturday’s show. Just remember you heard it hear first! See you on the Rocks!

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