You Can’t Beat The Creativity at Shaky Beats

photos by aLive Coverage and Corey Brausch

The weekend is over and unfortunately so is Shaky Beats. The pumping bass and beautiful sunshine has now returned to reality and adulting.

But fear no more! Over this past weekend, I took note of some cool outfits.

Outfit Find # 1: Eye Can See You!

I came across Jackie Wynn of Alabama rocking a black corset, a multi-colored gypsy belt and she decorated her face with googley eyes!

“The googley eyes were something I’ve never seen anyone wear before and I just basically put them everywhere.”

Jackie attended Shaky Beats mainly to see JOYRYDE and Slushii. At the festival, she discovered CID and claimed it was the perfect set (and it totally was!)

“Festivals are where you can be anyone or anything. Have fun with your outfit and make sure it’s tailored to your personality!” said Jackie.

Outfit Find # 2: Unicorn Dreams

Speaking of personality, I met Sharon Dewerbt of South Carolina who wanted “to be as bright on the outside as I am on the inside!” She picked Shaky Beats as her first festival and was excited to finally see Galantis and Kaskade!

Sharon rocked a multicolored neon tutu that was gifted to her by a friend for recently graduating school. She was decked out in kandi and traded with fellow festival goers throughout the weekend. You could have spotted Sharon from across the grounds because, as she said it herself “I’m a unicorn obviously!

Outfit Find #3: Freedom Wings

Alina Rivera attended Shaky Beats for “the fresh air, beats and vibes.” She tackled her festival outfit with three things in mind: Functional, Fun and Coverage! She rocked matching high waist pants with sports bra by Victorias Secret (seriously, super comfy!) and a set of beautiful wings she constructed a few years ago.

“My outfit inspiration? Me. This year it was time for me to let go of what everyone else thought and let ALL of my colors shine. I’ve always been attracted to exciting patterns, electric colors, and innovative designs. Taking risks is what life is about, and I am just getting started,” said Alina.

When it comes to the wings, she said the hardest part was the pleating. “As you can see though it was completely worth it in the end. I sewed the elastic band, adding Velcro to the front end for an easy on and off, I also made simple slips for the wooden dowels to extend the wings and use the fabric to its full extent.“

Outfits Spotted!

I didn’t get to talk to everyone who had an amazing outfit at Shaky Beats. If I did, I think it would be almost everything at the festival! I tried to keep an eye out for some creative or hand made items. I also came across some super cool things such as a JAUZ signed shark suit (HOW COOL IS THAT!?) and also a dude rocking a full on pink flamingo suit!


As for me? I focused more on experimenting with my hair and makeup for this festival (NYX Cosmetics is my go to!) The weather was going to be super nice so I knew my whole face wouldn’t melt halfway through. I rocked a leotard from Dancewear Solutions (Listen, you can get some seriously fabulous stuff here at an amazing price. Check it out!) American Eagle shorts, Vans and my beautiful Vibedration pack. My hair? They were basically two glitter pompoms on the top of my head. Yes, I did leave a little sparkle wherever I went.

When planning your next festival outfit, don’t be hesitant to try new things and go outside your comfort zone! You would be surprised what pieces you can throw together that might seem simple alone, but paired all together can give you an outfit that would have everyone saying how fabulous you are!

“All in all, I think festivals are the perfect place to try new ideas with your clothing and to feel more confident about yourself when you are out there with your fellow festival goers. Just always keep in mind that no matter what you wear we are all there to escape and dance,” said Alina.

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