Bunbury’s Set Times are an Organized Dream

Written by Jen Fall

Many times I have been told to relax, sit down, or have “more chill.” A consummate type A personality like myself has little use for chill. At a festival I am  there to see literally every band I can see, which equates to bouncing around from stage to stage to avoid missing that one perfect moment of music. Timeslot conflicts are just an unfortunate part of the festival experience. Can’t decide who you want to see more? No problem, I’ll be running around the stages like a banshee trying to hit every person on my bucket list for that particular day.

I’ll be honest. It is tiring. Much like the joys of organization and cleanliness that seem to plague my personality. It can never be too clean, it can never be too organized, and I must SEE ALL THE BANDS. I APPRECIATE organization.

Well folks, allow me to more than bow down to the Bunbury lineup organization team. (No seriously, can I send you guys flowers or something?) They have hit a massive home run, with honestly little to no main act conflicts. I have never seen this in all my years of festing. It is beautiful.

Friday I will be starting my day off with Alex Angelo, followed by The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, and ending my day with Wiz Khalifa. Saturday is electronic day with Tech N9ne, my first time seeing Pretty Lights, and everyone’s favorite bass head, Bassnectar.

Sunday is the cherry on top. My two favorite bands in the world are playing back to back. I’ll be camping out at the main stage for 30 Seconds to Mars. Have you seen Jared Leto in person? It is seriously worth the drive to Cincinnati. This will be my 8th time seeing them live and I’ve never been disappointed. They even hold a Guinness book of world records title for longest tour by a rock band. Their new album is set to drop soon, and I am more than ready for them to give us a preview! Closing the festival is Muse. I can’t say how excited I am to see them play in the U.S. again. They have a live show that is incomparable to any other band I have witnessed. They won’t disappoint.

Look for the crazy chick in the front row, learning to relax without having to bounce around from stage to stage! Excited to travel to Bunbury? I would love to hear from you, or answer any questions you might have! Send me an email at [email protected], or follow me on facebook for travel updates.

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