Bassrush Massive AZ: The Name Says it All

Photos by Chase Pope

Introduction – On Saturday, May 6th, 2017, Rawhide Event Center of Chandler, AZ was transformed into a bass heaven. Described by many attendees as “ground-shaking” and“floor-vibrating”, the event definitely lived up to its name- Bassrush Massive. The Massive was a collaboration between two events- Bassrush, a production company coming from the well known Insomniac Events, and Arizona locals Relentless Beats. The first Arizona edition of the event lined up Adventure ClubFlux PavilionNGHTMREAndy CHerobust, SayMyName, Phiso, and Tisoki.

Music genre – Electronic, Bass-Music

Camping: No

Capacity: Xtra Small (5-10k)

Crowd type:  Ravers, Headbangers, Younger Crowd

Water stations: Yes

For The First Timers – Arizona in May is generally beautiful in terms of temperature. We hit the hundreds sometimes but usually cruise around a solid 85 degrees F. Though this is an ideal temperature for the daytime, nights will drop significantly- after all, it is the desert. I recommend always bringing a stylin’ scarf or a light jacket so that you are prepared for anything. It is also important to note not to OVERDRESS, as it gets quite hot inside of the venue with everything going their hardest and dancing.

PRO TIP: Bring a refillable water bottle or a camelback, the Relentless Rangers will keep you hydrated all night long!

Standout Food – Food options included festival classes such as lobster mac and cheese, fries, burgers, and chicken fingers, for example.

Musical HighlightsHerobust was one of filthiest sets of the night in my opinion, and brought insane bass that built up and dropped over and over! Coming from Atlanta, he has a unique sound blending trap with the beautiful grime of heavy bass music. The energy of the crowd seemed to peak during his set, everyone headbanging at their hardest.

All of the sets were great, but a few other standouts for the night included NGHTMRE and Flux Pavillion. NGHTMRE dropped crowd favorites intertwined with a wide variety of genres of music, making the experience all the more memorable. The production during his set consisted lasers and smoke, which made the all attendees from near and far go wild. After his earthquake of a set, Flux Pavillion brought even MORE bass into the picture. We thought it had peaked, but oh it only began. Flux Pavillion dropped old classics as well as newer tunes, keeping all types of fans engaged. My neck was definitely sore after that set, in the best of ways possible. Ranging from dubstep to future, trap, drum and bass, and more, Flux Pavilion had all genres of stirred into a beautiful recipe of bass.

Things To Do  — Aside from the main event inside, the grassy area next to the heaven was a great place to take a break, get a massage from your friend/ lover, and make memories and connections with those around you. This is where you have a laugh and reminisce on the current/ future sets of the night. Aside from chillaxin’, there were many great food and drink options to check out as well as vendors for window shopping for all your festival fashion needs.

VIP or Nah  — For an extra $20,  I think that VIP is well worth it. With a preferred main stage viewing area, bottle service, one complimentary drink, passed desserts, private restrooms and express entry, it seems to be the way to to go if you are looking for smooth sailing at the event as far as getting in, snacks, and restroom use. It is a very fair price in my opinion.

Story Corner – I am a huge fan of the aspect of the electronic community where people are funny, weird, and just different from how they would act in general society. Totems are a big category of the funnies, often having random slogans or just anything that a group defines themselves with or is amused by.  I was pleasantly surprised to see many totems at Bassrush Massive, unexpected because it was a fairly small event. Nonethelesss, attendees still brought out their family best and took care of their totems all night long. I love them because they are amusing AND practical, helping you find your squad at any time. One of my favorites of the night was “THAT’s your Bassface?!”.

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