Axwell/\Ingrosso’s “Renegade” Foreshadows Highly Anticipated More Than You Know EP

Swedish duo Axwell/\Ingrosso welcomed new track “Renegade” to their ever-growing discography today, and we added it to our list of reasons why going out this weekend is going to be that much more worth it. Give it a listen, and prepare to shove it in the face of whoever currently has the aux cord. More goodies are on their way come May 24, when the full “More Than You Know” EP is set for release on Virgin/EMI Records

“Renegade” is deep, but light. I’m just as excited to dance to it as I am thrilled to be in bed writing about it…I’m so tired, but the track made me a little less so. “Easy come and easy go,” chants the vocals, and I felt as though the song was helping me create a life mantra I never knew I needed or wanted.

Metallic notes give the track an intergalactic twist, showing Axwell/\Ingrosso’s variety by departing from their recent Kid Ink collab “I Love You” and last May’s pop-y “Thinking About You.” Not uplifting quite like the duo’s 2015 hit “Sun Is Shining” (because after all, what is?), “Renegade” still succeeded in ending my day on a positive note — literally, I’m going to bed now — in a way that plenty of music, no matter just how hard it tries, can’t do.

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