BREAKING NEWS: ODESZA Releases New Track on Soundcloud

written by Hatim Hafid

And they did…. but privately.


Our excitement for new material from ODESZA has been through the roof! Shoutout to ODESZA Fam: 5 days and counting.  After some recent discoveries have come to Light (see what I did there), such as the morse code playlist and the LLC copyright material, a couple of updates have come our way.


Many fans report going on Soundcloud to find that ODESZA released a new song, however, when they went to look for it they found nothing.


So what happened?

Artists often upload their music privately  and the song can only be accessed with a special link. This is usually given out to record labels for review or media outlets with a special advance listen, complete with an embargoed release date. And as we’ve mentioned before, it’s looking like that date is 4/25. Its likely that one of the guys or someone on one of their teams must have uploaded the track and the announcement was made public even though the track is private. In all likelihood, the music will likely be released on Soundcloud and Spotify!


Keep checking back as we will have the latest updates on anything ODESZA.

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