Debunking Daft Punk

By Ariana Assaf and Hatim Hafid

Everybody loves an exclusive scoop, especially when it comes in the form of truly unbelievable news that one of the most highly renowned acts in the world is finally coming to town. Despite our excitement we were wary when notoriously mysterious duo Daft Punk seemed to be announcing a massive — and frankly, unlikely — 25-date live tour. It would be their first in ten years, but the announcement made so close to a holiday they may very well have invented themselves suggests otherwise.

Mixmag published an article detailing such a tour on March 31st, but dated it April 1st. It reeked of April foolery; in reality, we just reading about how how Mixmag joined the famous robots to pull a fast one on us. Check out the art published alongside the article…is this a rock and roll tour, or a rick roll tour? Based on venues such as Lol Angeles Memorial Coliseum in LA, Montre Imbécile in Montreal, and Davis Concert Fool in Fairbank, we’re inclined to believe the latter. After all, a quick google search of Davis Concert Fool yields telling results: the original Mixmag article.

Sadly, you can bet that Thomas has been having no such sleepless nights as mentioned by the article, nor has Guy-Manuel been unable to eat due to such overbearing pressure from fans to return from the stage. “When the fans suffer, they suffer.” Spare me (but make no mistake: I’d happily donate a kidney for the chance to experience 4D concert in which I got to actually taste Daft Punk).

Brava Mixmag, and as always hats off to Daft Punk and their stunning ability to break the internet without actually doing anything. May you celebrate this great holiday relishing in all the glory and honor you deserve. Perhaps we’ll see you at Burning Man?

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