Whitebear: The Scoop

Written by John Miller and Brandon Lopez

Photo by Sage Thomas

Next time you are looking for a music festival to attend, check to see if Whitebear is on the lineup. This Australian native comes with transcendental beats that will put anyone in a lucid state of mind. Recently, at Babylon Music Festival in Australia, he gifted the crowd with a magical experience by embracing them with truly psychedelic beats. He brings electronic music to a whole new level by adding an earthy and tribal vibe, his sounds binding together various elements of nature and man into an organic harmony. Check out the recent magic at Babylon here.

If you missed his Australian tour, don’t worry!

There are plenty of festivals he will be performing at here in the states. Look out for him at Oregon Eclipse, Sonic Bloom, and Enchanted Forest, amongst other festivals. Whitebear is gifted at collaborating and has performed alongside artists such as Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, and Eve Olution. They share a common message of self-awakening and healing of the soul through music. Any time they work together is a recipe for a spiritual experience and a new step forward in life.

Head here to dive deep through the power of Whitebear’s music.

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