Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas: A New Beginning for STS9

Written by Helen Vivas

2017 has been a year of constant change and Sound Tribe Sector 9 is no exception to this.  At the beginning of the year, they announced that their lighting designer, Saxton Waller, would no longer be touring with the band. While he will still be designing stage and light concepts for the band, no longer having him to control the lights at the shows themselves was quite a blow to fans.

Why is this worth mentioning?

Well, an STS9 show is a whole experience- how the lights cohesively accentuate the music to take us on a multi-sensory journey.  Saxton Waller and his ROYGBIV lighting design will be missed, but this leaves us with a whole new experience to discover with STS9.  The Vegas show is one of the first stops of their tour, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see the changes they have in store. Coming off of two legendary runs in Austin and Chicago, this one is not to be missed.

STS9 is also known for bending and extending musical boundaries. They mix different influences into their music and meld the perfect blend of acoustic and electronic sounds to create a style all their own.  Over the last few weeks, STS9 has been taunting its fans with short clips of them jamming out at 1320 studios.  The videos show how musically in sync with each other they are, and how seamlessly they transition from one song to another. A rare look into their studio setup, these jams have Tribe fans licking their chops for what is to come.  This is the type of stuff fans travel from far away to see!  The real beauty of an STS9 show is that you NEVER really know what songs from their massive repertoire they might bust out, or the slight variances they might bring to them. Understanding an STS9 show really lies in appreciating the subtleties, transitions, and emotion behind every note.  These short clips show a small glimpse into what they could have lined up for Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas this March 31st – April 1st.

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