Underwood the Underdog

written by Corey Brausch

We all have our favorite DJs are artists that we follow, but what about keeping an eye on the up and comers?  Andy Underwood, also known as BroMosapien, is a small DJ from Boone, North Carolina. He got his start in music when he was young due to his parents being music educators.

BroMosapien: “Being around bands and choruses during my upbringing completely shaped my path & the way I think. I can’t go a single day without having some form of music or art for that matter in my life,” said Underwood.

In 2011, Underwood began to produce hip hop beats but the found himself progressing into EDM styles.

BroMosapien: “Dubstep just came to me the most naturally and sometimes it just felt like the music wrote itself. I was just the vessel to get it recorded.”

Underwood, or BroMosapien has a love not only for Dubstep, but for DnB (Drum and Bass) and Hyprid Trap music as well.

BroMosapien: “There’s truly nothing better than feeling bass that hits your core, making you feel as if you’re on a drug when you’re stone cold sober.”

Up and coming DJ’s and artists face many struggles, but getting notice can be the least of their problems.

BroMosapien: “Some of my biggest struggles would have to be dealing with writers block which hits me hard, when it does hit.  Coping with it, I just take a step back & go experience life at the fullest to get inspiration, if it be going to shows, traveling, or generally anything outdoors.”

Lately, he has been playing and promoting shows located in warehouses out in Wilkesboro and Greenville, North Carolina.

BroMosapien: “The EDM world is a very tough one to get noticed in, but I push myself everyday to show a presence in the scene & contribute as much as I can, not just with playing shows, but promotion.”

In the next few months and all throughout 2017, BroMosapien will be releasing a lot of music.  He wants to give back and support the scene.  Check out the links below and keep your eyes peeled for big things happening!

BroMosapien: “Keep an eye out for BroMosapien in the near future. I will be coming to bring the ruckus to show/party to you all very, very soon my friends!”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BromosapienNC/?fref=nf&pnref=story.unseen-section

Email and Bookings: [email protected]

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