Festival Fashion Spotlight: Electric Family Spring Line 2017

Written by Mia Nissen

Perhaps one of the most treasured aspects of festival season is the unity that effortlessly arises between total strangers. Surrounded by good vibes, melodious tunes, and warm temperatures, we feel invincible. We embark back into the real world ready to make a change. However, peace and respect seem much harder to spread when everyone is wrapped up in their own lives.

With Electric Family’s Spring 2017 line, showing what we stand for, outside of the festival gates, has become more simple and stylish.

Guided by the short and sweet phrase “Peace is dope,” Electric Family gives us all a way to fight back peacefully to the daily turmoils we encounter. By using this form of positive propaganda, the clothing company has created clothing to help raise social consciousness within all of those whose paths we may cross.

Simple phrases combined with vibrant visuals make up the majority of this newest collection. The pieces are sure to be conversation starters that will get everyone thinking a little bit deeper. With so many styles available for men and women, showing the world what our community stands for has never been easier. If you are ready to be a part of the movement, enter now to win a Peace is Dope hoodie and $50 to spend on the Electric Family Spring line here. Only a few days left for your chance to win big!

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