Shady Pirates and Funky Putt Putt: Embark on Artist Excursions

written by Connor Hayes

Fool’s Paradise might be Lettuce’s personal playground, but anyone who attends would be remiss to skip spending some quality time with the other artists at the festival.  There’s no easier way to do this than through one of Fool’s signature accouterments: Artist Excursions.  Last year’s inaugural excursions featured setting sail with the Shady Horns on a historic schooner, putt putt with Jesus Coombes, and even zip line with Break Science’s Borahm Lee.  Though these add-ons aren’t free (ticket prices may vary), you never know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with (Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch’s parents were in attendance on last years maritime expedition).

Though it may seem like a glamorized meet and greet, the expeditions are something more: no one seeks to get a scoop of new material from the artists nor asks questions at all.  It merely appreciates that they are able to kick back with some fantastic, talented human beings.  Not to mention all of this takes place in one of the best times in the year as far as Florida weather goes.  This year, the artist excursions are topping even last years: instead of just a cruise with the Shady Horns, there’s a DJ set at sea.  The putt putt is making a comeback, this time Jesus is joined by Lyle Divinsky of the Motet as well as Antwaun Stanley of Vulfpeck.  Channelling Christopher Walken from Balls of Fury, is Adam Deitch and Schmeens with their very own ping pong tournament.  One pro-tip: don’t sleep on these experiences, they sell out quickly (especially the sailing excursion).  You can purchase your excursion tickets here!

See you in St. Agustine, Florida March 31 – April 1!  Don’t forget to grab your tickets here!

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