My Experience at Envision Festival Costa Rica

Guest written by Maxwell Bronson


Well Envision Festival 2017 has come and gone and… wow… all I can say is wow!


I arrive at the festival grounds day one by 9am. There is a line of a couple hundred people waiting for the box office to open in an hour. I go through the back entry and secure my media passes and pick up the 8 passes I have for my adventure tour group. 


I quickly enter the festival grounds… and my jaw drops… The landscape is that of a beautiful Costa Rican farm. Banana trees, coconut palms, medicinal plants, mango trees, and rivers cover the land. The air is thick and warm, a sea breeze carries it from the nearby Pacific coast. The stages are made of beautiful bamboo construction and are very much so art, in themselves.

My fellow guide and I walk the path and scout out a location to host our tour group for camping. I set up a few hammocks and secure a nice open space under the shade of a beautiful mango tree. We celebrate as we finish drinking a pipa (young coconut) and get the message that the tour group has arrived. “And so it begins”, I say, we smile.


I walk towards the entrance of the festival grounds to meet the group… Tents and hammocks cover the land, the deep bass of music is being felt from a distance, and the energy is light and feels worriless. Howler monkeys howl in the distance as I approach my group of 6. The group spots me from a distance and starts to do somewhat of a dance as I approach. We are all-smiles as I give hugs and express excitement to see them. We quickly move to our campground, have a nice talk, then I tell them to step into their flow. We will be free to the next 4 days to let let loose, celebrate, and go where the flow takes us…

The next four days of Envision Festival were full of sunshine, hammock sleeps, late night dancing, acroyoga, daytime healing clay covered adventures, and great healthy foods. We experienced many amazingly talented speakers (medicinal plant walks, talks on environmentalism, shamanic healing plants from the Amazons, non-violent communication, etc), saw world-class music performances (Papadosio, Satsang, Clozee, too many more!), and meditated and yoga’d to our hearts were open and full of light. What a glorious adventure it was and how fast the time flew by.


I’m very impressed, Envision. Gracias y nos vemos pronto! Mucho amor, y pura vida.





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