How To Get Burning Man Tickets: Step One

written by Stephanie Rosa

Burning Man. Two of the most beautiful words to pair together in the English language. Chances are, if you have had the pleasure to make the trek to Black Rock City, those two words can bring you a rush of emotion. Dust, sunshine, music, yoga, spirituality, and flashes of a carnival may pass through your mind. Or maybe those two words have your mind jogging to some beautiful pictures that you’ve seen while scrolling across your Instagram or Facebook feeds. In either case, you’re reading this article because you want to know how you can get to the playa for he first time, or you want a reminder on how to get back. Next Wednesday, March 29th at 12pm PDT kicks off the Main Sale, so plan to be glued to your computer starting at 11:59. But theres one step before that all you virgins forget about. And thats what we’re going to tell you about now.

Step One to Buying Tickets for Burning Man is that you need to create a Burner Profile. And that needs to be done by tomorrow, March 24th at 12pm PDT.


Your squad has got your back. Click HERE to access the Burner Profile page. Make sure to fill out all requested information, and then REGISTER YOURSELF for the main sale. You’re welcome! Please stay tuned as we help you figure out how to obtain your tickets next Wednesday. Good luck, and see you in the dust! )'(


Is it Wednesday, March 29? Sounds like you need Step 2! 

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