Future Feels with Ferry Corsten

written by Mara Mannella 

Legendary producer and innovator Ferry Corsten sets out to push the envelope once again, announcing a new LP set to blast into our atmosphere this Spring. Entitled “Blueprint”, the concept album with sci-fi and cinematic influences, promises to take listeners on an interstellar journey through sound. Judging by the debut single, you may want to tighten the straps on your space helmet.
Title track “Blueprint” calculatingly builds into a swirling burst of expertly synthesized sounds, a Ferry trademark. Its driving beat is thought provoking, with the many layers meshing beautifully to create one heady song.
With the release of “Blueprint”, his fifth album, Corsten hopes to have succeeded in creating a piece of work that truly tells a story. He says, “Seeing this idea transform into this expansive project has been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve undertaken as an artist. I’ve always loved the principles of what concept albums stand for. It was on my bucket list as a producer to create one and do it on this scale. Now, finally presenting this to the fans, feels like the final piece in this incredible journey.”
Fans in a few corners of the world will soon be able to beam up with Ferry live and in person. A nine stop tour with more dates to be announced is officially on the books. As anticipation builds for the full album release, click below to play among the stars while you wait.

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