Everything You Need To Know About Hitting Envision Costa Rica

Written by Maxwell Bronson


In late February, in the beautiful Southern coastal region of Costa Rica exists a fiesta unlike any other. They call it Envision Festival; a transformational event lasting four sun-filled days. Co-created by many talented musicians, artists, community leaders, and attendees, a powerful shift of energy could be felt. The Envision experience left many in a very motivated and inspired state. A state where they can be catalysts for a better tomorrow. Considering heading down to Central America for this incredible experience? Heres everything that you need to know as a first timer. 

Music genre: Live Electronica, Jam, Experimental Bass, Costa Rican Cultural

Camping: Yes! Camping is included in all 4-day passes.

Capacity: Small. Less than 5k.

Crowd type:  A wide variety. Yogis, artists, dancers, alternative lifestylers. 20s-30s.

Water stations: Yes.

For the first-timers

  • Show up early! You are going to want a shady camp spot and that means getting to the box office a couple hours before it opens…. OR pay the early entrance fee and set up the day before! (recommended)
  • For air travelers, flying into SJO is the most convenient. Envision offers shuttles to and from the event. You can also get a $10 Tracopa (coach bus) ticket that starts in San Jose and ends in Uvita. Bonus tip: use Uber in San Jose, it is much cheaper than a taxi.
  • I’d highly recommend camping out. Yes it is warm but it is really part of the experience. Take showers daily. They will keep your morale and hygiene up.
  • It will be warm, so prepare for that. I slept in my hammock but there were limited trees for good placement. The most insulation I needed at night was a sheet and I was plenty comfortable.

Standout food

  • The falafel is world class, an absolute must!
  • The Vegan Luv burgers are mighty tasty, give it a try. 
  • I also recommend trying some chicken sticks (2 for $2) on the walk to the beach from within the venue. Keeps costs down and are perfect for snacking. 
  • Mama Toucan’s makes some damn good $2 ice cream.

Musical Highlights

  • Papadosio was pretty wild!  We danced, then just listened, then danced, then just listened. Definitely be sure to check out Papadosio as they hit other festivals this season.
  • Jami Sun absolutely killed it. A very talented individual who is building a following. Check out his stuff!
  • An unknown Dan Bailey Tribe was so much fun to dance to as well. I was unfamiliar but the sound of their tribal drumming pulled me in. 
  • Costa Rican bands! Just go and see! You don’t need to know Spanish to hear some great tunes. 

Things to do

  • Go to the beach! Especially at sunset. There is cheap food and beverage out there.
  • Explore the art gallery and get inspired by local Costa Rican artists whom have traveled the whole country to showcase their work.
  • This may sound pretty standard but do some yoga. There are plenty of yoga, dance, acro, events all included in your ticket… check them out!
  • Try something out of your comfort zone. Experience an acro yoga class, take a massage workshop, listen to a talk on a topic you are not familiar with, and talk to some people who look different than you!
  • Go to the daily talks. There are many inspiring talks going on throughout the day… I learned about Shiva and Shakti, plant medicines of the amazons, being an activist, and being a grounded individual. I also sat a tobacco ceremony put on by an indigenous man.


Story corner

After a couple days of festivities, the vibration of the festival grounds had increased and our energy as a whole had risen significantly. I found myself walking towards the beach for a quick salty sunny escape when suddenly I’m pulled into the shade and ‘healing blue clay’ is being put on my body. We clayed each other, all 10 or 15 of us, then find ourselves being the life of the party as we danced so hard and so clayed – as if no one was watching. Interested in reading a little bit more about my personal experience at Envision? Check it out HERE.  Pura Vida!


About the author:

Maxwell Bronson is an expat living in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Outdoors enthusiast, surfer, lover of life, tree hugger, and Costa Rica Adventure Guide, he has a strong affinity for the ‘pura vida’ Costa Rica has to offer. He can be reached at [email protected] or www.MaxwellBronson.com


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