Burning Man Ticket Day is HERE: How To Secure Tickets

written by Stephanie Rosa

photo courtesy of Andrew Jorgenson Photography 

Hopefully, you read our article and completed Step One to secure your Burning Man tickets. If you have not completed Step One, we’re sorry to tell you, but you won’t be getting tickets today (not yourself, anyway).


If you have in fact completed Step One (filling out a Burner Profile AND registering for this sale today) then congratulations! You have made it through the next round, along with the rest of us who are able to follow directions. NOW WHAT.


Step 2: Get onto the Burning Man page before 12pm PDT, log in, and WAIT.

You can find that login link right here and be ready with your unique code that will allow you to have access to the sale. Burning Man Organization tells you not to refresh your page once you click enter and you are in the waiting room. THEY ARE NOT JOKING, DO NOT REFRESH YOUR PAGE. Your waiting room page will be a little man, walking along. Your man and everyone elses man will be moving at different speeds. Pray to all burner spirits that yours walks a little faster and crosses the finish line. Once you’re in, make sure to have all your credit card information ready to go (autofill on your computer or login to ticketfly to stay most efficient). From there, grab your pass or passes, include your vehicle pass if you need and get ready to have the time of your life.


Getting excited? Check out our ABC’s from Burning Man last year, or Why I Decided to Burn article from 2015. Or if you’re in the mood for a good chuckle while you wait for your man to dance across your screen, check out a story about a man who took down a Burning Man scalper.



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