Nicaragua: Home To The New Full Moon Parties

written by Austin Eames

Lo siento por darse cuenta tarde. Sorry for short notice, but for those seeking a last minute adventure, consider Nicaragua for a full moon party event February 10th and 11th.


First because it’s inexpensive. For those with serious thoughts of a leap, Visit to secure your ticket to the event for around $40. Then book your flight, which should be less than $500 roundtrip from the US. Unless you find better elsewhere, check for great deals on flights.


Second, the place is drop dead stunning with beauty and peaceful vibes. Hopefully you can take some time to explore this magical country, yet if you’re just coming to the beach for the event, you’ll absolutely get a taste of Nicaragua’s beautiful jungles and beaches.


Visit for accommodations (around $12-30 US dollars per night). You can also type Tola, Nicaragua in to check out other possible places to lodge. The event is at Camino 1 Bar and Restaurant on Playa Gigante.


Third, the beats and thrills. Activities on the beach will be blessed with Music from the 15 DJs attending who will play from sundown to sunrise, and I guarantee you will not at all regret a full night of no sleep.
I did attend the last full moon party in Gigante, which was an experience I will never forget. It is majestic to be on the beach this particular night enjoying the full moon with not only Nicaraguans, but people from all over the world who come to enjoy and create together. You’ll meet other travelers, local expats and Nicaraguans, and possibly even a pirate or two.


If you feel like you can make it happen, then why not just do it? Nicaragua is not a place for the faint of heart, but for those seeking an adventure of a lifetime and a radically new outlook on life and your own personal fortune, take the leap and enjoy the event!

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