Insomniac Returns to Texas with a Bang

written by Michael Talavera

Hear ye! Hear ye! The time has finally come for the Texas EDM scene to welcome Insomniac back  with the announcement of their latest installment, Middlelands. Long overdue since the short lived yet long remembered Nocturnal Texas, which ran from 2010-2012, today’s Middlelands lineup announcement just might re-establish Insomniac as supreme leader in the world of TX camping festivals.

No one who attended Nocturnal Texas can talk about it without tearing up (you know who you are). Since those days of glory, we’ve been desperately awaiting a return and today, our prayers were answered with a lineup the size of our state. Here’s a toast to the age-old mantra, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

The medieval-themed festival will be held on the already-awesome Texas Renaissance Fair grounds, the perfect platform for costumes and creativity. With promises of “four-dimensional super structures,” “whimsical creatures,” “exhilarating mechanical contraptions,” and countless camping options (including a separate no-noise restriction ‘sound camp’ area), you can guarantee this will be the best party since the plague was cured.

Prepareth ye SQUAD!

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