GET REAL with Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke Is All About The Music

written by Andrea Hnatievych 

Introduction – On December 28th, the GET REAL tour made its fourth stop for a night of fun at the Detroit Masonic Temple. The event as a whole was a dream for any house music lover, the itinerary lining up Golf Clap, Walker & Royce, Tiga, and the incomparable duo of Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke, GET REAL.


Music genre – House

Camping: NO

Capacity: Extra Small

Crowd type:  Chill, Older Crowd

Water stations: No, bottled water was for sale for $3 and water fountains were available.


For The First Timers – The Detroit Masonic Temple is located in the heart of the historic city of Detroit and is an incredible venue with hundreds of rooms, deemed the world’s largest Masonic Temple. GET REAL was held in the basement (the Fountain Ballroom), providing a large floor space to party the night away and great sound. Larger flow toys such as hoops and wands were not allowed due to the capacity, but gloves and other smaller forms were accepted and encouraged. I recommend bringing in a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and save a few bucks.

Standout Food – Food was not for sale at the venue for this particular show, but downtown Detroit has many great options to check out before or after the event.

Musical Highlights – Golf Clap was an unexpected and last-minute addition to the event and upon arriving, I was ecstatic to see him as the very first opener because his shows are very high energy and I was familiar with him from other events. The whole night was top notch in terms of the music, but GET REAL truly put out the greatest energy and it was awe- inspiring to see them work together on the tables once again. For someone who has been following these performers for some time, it was very evident as to who’s music was who’s and they mended together flawlessly for their B2B set.

Things To Do — Due to the single day and indoor characteristic of this event, GET REAL was really solely about the music and experience that comes with it. Aside from having a blast with your squad, there was a full-service bar for those 21+ and looking to spice things up a bit.

Story Corner – I’ve got to say, there were some pretty incredible dancers in this mysterious venue on December 28th, but one of the most memorable things I experienced that night was this couple that was doing Acro-Yoga in the center of the crowd and breaking into dancing between poses. This goes to show, events like these often bring out some very skilled people and these dancers and performers always make the experiences all the more memorable. The community around House music and electronic music as a whole is unique in this aspect and embraces this quality to the greatest, you don’t want to miss out on the next event!

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