Enter The Portal and Discover These 3 Artists at Okeechobee

written by Connor McAuliffe 

photo by Don Idio of Festival Squad

With the addition of phase 2, Okeechobee Music & Art Festival did not disappoint.  With artists, such as Logic, Vulfpeck, The Floozies, 12th Planet, Ganja White Night, Space Jesus, Brasstracks, Kasbo, and Pell, the lineup has become one of the top tier lineups to kick off festival season.  With such a diverse list of artists, there only so many artists that I think every person should consider checking out.

  1. Porter Robinson (Live) – Porter Robinson’s live sets have been one to change a lot of people’s lives. I have had the pleasure of catching a few of them in the past and would tell everyone to catch one of them before he stops performing his live sets.  He also tweeted recently that he will not hitting too many music festivals this year and is dedicating 2017 to finishing a lot of projects he had previously started.
  2. Moon Taxi – A few of my friends had previously told me how great Moon Taxi was and my first chance to see them ever was at Bonnaroo 2015. Their music is extremely popular in the southeast.  Their music ranges from indie to progressive rock.  They have been steadily becoming more popular that even McDonald’s used one of their songs in their previous commercials!  This Nashville, Tennessee band should be a group everyone should be checking out mid-day.
  3. Louis the Child – After a successful 2016, Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett will look expand their musical talent. Their music is aimed to make their audience happy.  If you are looking for a mix of future bass, house, and trap then Louis the Child will be an artist you will need to check out.  I had the opportunity to meet Robby and Freddy back in November and am excited to hear what new music they have in 2017.  Who knows, with the addition of Pell on phase 2, maybe we will get a Pellican Child (Pell + Louis the Child) appearance?

I know where I will be in early March this year. So grab your tickets, come find me & lets dance.

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