The Desert Dwellers Experience is the Ultimate Experience

written by John Miller

photo from Desert Dwellers Facebook via Button Pusher Media


Every time I hear Desert Dwellers, I have a euphoria of happiness, love, and compassion. The music they share is more than “their next album”, it is a celebration of life, and the appreciation for fellow man and earth. A few Saturdays ago at the Ogden Theatre in Denver Colorado I experienced exactly that. It was a packed house, celebrating the Desert Dwellers last show of their US tour. Now, they will be sharing their music with the people of Australia and the surrounding area.


The Hummingbird Stage left me in pure amazement. The mapping of visuals has to be experienced in person to fully appreciate the mesmerizing performance portrayed. HÄANA accompanied the Desert Dwellers with beautiful vocals and sounds from her violin. The dancers brought to life the music on stage and into the air using silk rope. The performance kept everyone moving and grooving well into the night. Following the Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution kept the positive vibes flowing. They brought a heavier more bass filled beat which defused happiness throughout the crowd.


Everyone at the show was in a tranquil state of happiness making it easy to appreciate the unity of life on earth. Up in the balcony, artists accompanied the show by vending and painting live art. These artists created a magical bond to the music and people around them as they interpreted and expressed the soothing sounds through their own artistic outlet. The wondrous sounds of the Desert Dwellers are perfect for finding your own expression of emotion through art, dance, massage, yoga, flow toys and more.


The music of the Desert Dwellers connects everyone together, making for an intimate, personal show that cannot be replicated. I felt blessed to once more have my wonderful boyfriend with me to experience the beauty of a Desert Dwellers Live performance. For me, the show poured forth many memories from when we saw them perform at one of my first festivals, Lightning in a Bottle. The show put on at the Ogden brought me back to that very moment which made it all the more special.

Find your special moment at a Desert Dweller show the next time they come into your favorite venue or festival, you won’t regret it.




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