Why ODESZA At SnowGlobe 2016 Will Change Your Life

written by Stephanie Rosa

I still remember it like it was yesterday. 

The anticipation was killing me. We had raced to the Sierra tent early, so that we could get a spot in the front. But as soon as we got there, the three of us looked at each other and cringed. It was packed. “I’m not standing in back!” I exclaimed, already charging forward with Maggie in tow. It was flurrying, cold, and I knew the tent would be warm. “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me” I said over and over again as my Spirithood jacket and I bobbled through the can of sardines I was entering. 

After about 15 minutes we managed to get our way to a decent spot near the front. “Alright! This is great!” I exclaimed as I checked to make sure the platform in front of us was visible. I looked at Maggie, who rolled her eyes at me as she shifted with the weight of everyone else in the tent. There was really no room for dancing, but I didn’t care. I had come all the way to Lake Tahoe to see ODESZA live for the first time and nothing was going to stop me. 

I could tell you all about how ODESZA’s SnowGlobe performance in 2014 inspired me to take a few laps around the globe, eventually catching them again at a festival in Germany. I could tell you about how that performance inspired a tattoo I got in Thailand featuring the icosahedron, a symbol of sacred geometry and ODESZA’s iconic logo. But I’ll spare you those boring details of my life and hit you with facts: this electronic duo will be taking the stage yet again this year at one of the best festivals in the US. And nothing will stop me from missing out on that. 

Combining the jaw dropping beauty of the great outdoors in Lake Tahoe, California, an unparalleled NYE lineup, and an expanded location, you won’t find me anywhere else at the end of this month. 

During the day, I plan to take full advantage of the festival’s location by hitting the slopes, followed by a nice dinner at Heavenly Ski Village, a couple spins at the casino, and a shuttle ride to my favorite New Year’s festival. 

Whether or not you’re an ODESZA fan (yet) is irrelevant. This festival has everything you need and more in the grounds. So grab the warmest jacket you have, pack some extra layers, and meet me under the brilliant display of fireworks that will conclude 2016 at SnowGlobe Music Festival.   

Grab your tickets here!

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  • Tanner Clarke says:

    I completely agree! The New Years Odesza set was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. The light show lined up perfectly with each song time and time again and it felt like pure love. When they played iPlayYouListen, How Did I Get Here, the Something About You Remix, Say My Name, and the Faded Remix I felt like I could feel it in my soul it was honestly indescribable. I saw Flume too and its hard to say it was better but Odesza did something special that felt like magic. I’m determined to see them again live it was something I’ll never forget.

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