Support #NODAPL With Some Incredible Artwork

words & artwork by Sage Thomas

Whats Going On?

Right now in North Dakota thousands of individual are gathering together in freezing temperatures to help keep our water clean against greedy, money hungry corporations. Energy Transfer is trying to build a pipeline on Native American land that was guaranteed to them under treaty, which has now been violated. This pipeline will go under the Missouri River and will threaten the water supply of not only the standing rock tribe, but also millions of other Americans who rely on it daily. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a massive project being organized by a shady group of the world’s largest fossil-fuel companies and banks.


Who is Trying to Help?

The water protectors come from all walks of life and right now it is critical that we all become aware of the current situation at hand. On November 21st the Morton county sheriffs department shot rubber bullets and sprayed water canons on unarmed peaceful civilians exercising their 1st amendment rights.

Earlier in October president Obama made suggestions to the oil company that they should not drill under the Missouri river until they can further reassess the situation. This was disregarded and they proceeded on route only to be told by the Army core of engineers that they are NOT allowed to drill under the river. They preceded to prepare for it anyway making a drilling pad just a couple feet away from the water. The Dakota Access Pipeline has broken treaties, the law, and has harmed American citizens standing up for what is right. The Standing Rock Tribe is in desperate need of supplies to help keep up the fight against the black snake.

How Can You Help?

Purchase Art (With Proceeds Going to Help The Water Protectors)

I am selling posters on my website and donating 75% of all proceeds to help support the water protectors. If you would like one please visit my website at I have included a list of things down below that you can also do to help out.



Donate money and supplies to the Sacred Stone Camp

Contribute money to the protesters camp’s official GofundMe account (, which will go toward purchasing water, food, propane, blankets and other supplies. Checks, cash or supplies (an extensive list of what they need can also be sent through the mail to:

Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538


Sign the petition asking the white house to stop the DAPL construction


Donate to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

Protesters have also set up a legal defense fun to help defray the legal bills of those involved in the protests (click here). To save the group processing fees, you can also donate to their PayPal account at [email protected].


Help save the water and save our planet.

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