Seven Lions Takes Dirty Dub to a Whole New Level

written by Sam Freund

Jeff Montalvo, aka Seven Lions, didn’t come to Royal Oak Music Theatre to make small talk. He didn’t come to find out how we were doing that night or tell us we’re the craziest city he’s been to. He came to mix the bass-laden fantasy inspired sound he’s known for with hits from across the electronic spectrum, rip it all to shreds, and throw bass all over everything.

Fans from all across the state came out in full force to the theater. As I took in the show, I had several people start conversations with me, asking if it was my first Seven Lions show and professing an undying love for his sound. This, of course, was in between leg-breaking drops that shook us to attention. There’s no denying that he and his sound have a commanding quality. Be warned, if you’re headed to his shows with only a familiarity of his recorded material, you might be in for a shock. While the motifs were present, Montalvo was more than happy to defy any expectations and lean into the dirtier side of both his music and lending that dirtiness to club standards. Naturally, the audience ate it up and asked for more.

If you’re looking for a way to warm up this winter, check him out on The Journey tour.

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